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WHAT YOU ARE GETTING: Without any doubt, hygienic, fresh, and tasty meat you can get in the city of Accra. Our meat has been processed for outstanding quality and nutritional benefits. After all, the key to optimum performance and recovery is a healthy and balanced diet.

Our cost-effective tailored range of product list are freshly prepared by our expert butchers and can also be delivered fresh from a clean processing environment to your home and ready to cook – order today and enjoy!

As a business, we have endeavor to consistently stay loyal to our values, offering the exceptional service and outstanding quality. At Parbs Meat, providing quality is our topmost priority. Parbs Meat-home of indigenous taste!


Our selection of beef is second to none. We cover all the bases with products that range from the choice you make. Our livestock farmers and suppliers provide us with the integrity of the products we offer to guarantee your satisfaction. We offer different cuts of Steaks, Roasts, and all the cuts for your smoker, Short Ribs, Stewing Beef, Diced Beef, Minced Beef and more upon request.


With great care we source high quality sheep livestock from our selected local farms across the regions. Almost all our mutton products are strictly controlled to meet quality standards. We offer mutton products, Lamb Chops, Lamb Neck, Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Whole and many more.


Goat meat is one of the most widely eaten meats in Ghana. However, the goat enterprise can fail due to poor health, quality, and performance in the foundation stock; therefore, we are extremely cautious when sourcing for our process facility. We always try to purchase the best quality animals possible, but it is vital that we only source from healthy herds. We offer Goat Stewing, Goat Shoulder, Goat Leg, and Whole Goat.


Our poultry selection is broad and priced right. Based on past sales we know that this is a staple item in most orders. We have a variety including locally sourced fresh farm whole chicken, imported cut up chicken, Boneless Breast, Wings, Thighs, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters, Party Wings and Gizzards.


We carry a variety of seafood. All our seafood is flash frozen immediately following harvest to ensure the freshest taste and experience. We have a variety including: Shrimp, Prawns, Lobsters, Squid and Cassava Fish, More available upon request.


Our pig livestock are sourced mainly from local farmers and processed in our facility, so you know you are receiving the freshest cuts possible. As a result of our halal clients, we are careful how pork is processed in our facility. Our fresh pork products are processed in isolation with totally different standalone equipment. Our offering includes: Multiple types of Loin Chops, Spareribs, Belly, Leg Slice, Shank, Minced pork, Whole, Bacon (streaky and back) and Sausage etc... You name it.


Where else can you go to satisfy all of your cravings for wild game? Here is just a sampling of what we offer. Pre-order: Rabbit.