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Our operations and facility have been certificated by the FDA, NHCC – National Halal Certification Committee and further to this we are implementing HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point towards certification.

As a result of our priority being Food Safety and Quality as well as ensuring farmers we source from are GAP – Good Agriculture Practices complaint, we have put in place a well-planned, well-executed and controlled process flow to have enhanced traceability and recall. Good hygiene practices, cleaning and sanitation are part of our basic in house training we offer all our employees. These includes cleaning schedules for all areas, machines, and equipment in order to achieve the required safety standard. However, cleaning and sanitation alone will not assure a hygienic standard in production but process hygiene as well as personal hygiene are important factors, including well-planned working routines and maintenance of equipment. Adequate personal hygiene assures the overall cleaning process which eliminates transfer of microorganisms to well-cleaned surfaces from unwashed hands before processing starts.

Neither process hygiene, personal hygiene nor cleaning and sanitation alone can assure a sufficient hygienic standard but together, if carried out in an optimal manner, they will guarantee a complete hygienic standard.